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The Embassy of The United People of Canada aims to be an ideal place for local, national and international NGOs, community organizations, social enterprises, etc. that may look to do business both with the Federal Government of Canada and with other countries. In fostering a vibrant and inclusive community space, involving a variety of nationalities is important.

The Embassy is located in a high-visibility area, in close proximity with the various diplomatic missions of various countries, which helps raise the profile of the various missions of those using this shared space, and essentially puts them at the "big kids table" so to speak, without all of the expense of running their own facility, as this is a social enterprise shared venue space approach.

If a First Nation were to be a shared space client of The Embassy, they would have access to a facility where they could engage in a diplomatic dialogue with the Federal Government from a strategically located facility amongst the embassies of a variety of nations, without the need for the costs to acquire and maintain such a large facility for their exclusive use.

By providing such a shared space in the community, we hold space for a wide variety of voices to be heard, not just those that have the budgets for their own exclusive high-visibility spaces. Many people and organizations from coast-to-coast, north to south, and within and around Ottawa have expressed their support for The Embassy of The United People of Canada in Ottawa. We look forward to being a great addition to Ottawa, with our vision for such a vibrant and inclusive community space!


"Community Conversations provide a safe space in which people come together for thoughtful discussion and dialogue about big visions and shared values — past, present, and future. Today, more than ever, we need this kind of dialogue." - Michael Haupt

A Forum of The People

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The Embassy of The United People of Canada is envisioned as a vibrant and inclusive social enterprise shared venue space in Ottawa, ON, CAN, featuring community cafe, indoor and outdoor event space, coworking space, artist studios, and gallery space. We are thankful for the amazing support for this project! 

Are you interested in helping others, using your talents, gaining new skills, staying active, making friends and contributing to your community and environment with other dedicated individuals?

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The Embassy of the United People of Canada is designed to be a place of healing in our community by facilitating truth-seeking and reconciliation with respect to a number of divides within our community. There are a number of matters of public interest where truthful dialogue will hopefully bring healing to divide within our community. One area that many community members feel is long overdue for the community-as-a-whole to address are the concerns of many First Nations community members. One way to ensure that all voices are heard is by regularly hosting Community Conversations.

The United People of Canada will be making The Embassy in Ottawa available for 365-hours per year of complimentary use, representing an average of 1-hour per day of Community Conversation around this matter of public interest for those that wish to come together for healing as a community. Gather together year-round along an honest, open, truth-seeking journey on the path to Truth and Reconciliation. Reach out if you would like to host a talk, workshop, meeting, etc. 

Truth and Reconciliation

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