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All information obtained in this form will be held in strict confidence, subject to applicable law. We will not discriminate because of sex, age, race, physical disability, religion, place of origin or marital status.

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Explore A Career With
The United People of Canada

Do you enjoy the opportunity to challenge yourself, learn new skills and make a difference in your community and the world at large? Do you enjoy being surrounded by ambitious, kind and motivated people? If so you might be a perfect fit for a rewarding career with the United People of Canada.

Our various programs, services and initiatives require professional staff members with a wide range of training. We are looking for dependable individuals that can work as a team to meet challenges,  who are great at problem-solving, experienced with community service and who are committed
to themselves and will continue to foster kindness, growth and creativity.

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Why Us?

Are you interested in helping others, using your talents, gaining new skills, staying active, making friends and contributing to your community and environment with other dedicated individuals?

You can sign up to volunteer with our team or apply for a career with The United People of Canada. All are welcome to join us in creating positive differences and lasting improvements in our communities and around the world. 

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